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Vocabulary for Pilots

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Wordle: Air Safety



General resource

Here is a wordlist[1] you will find useful if you work with aviation. Click on the aircraft to get it.


But, if you prefer, you can download a complete dictionary:


 or check this Pilot / ATC glossary.


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Here you will find some flashcards to work on your vocabulary.

Please, let me know if there are any mistakes.


Collocations to give/ask for instructions 

Communication 4 Pilots flashcards from BeaBees on FlashcardDB.


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Parts of an airport

Study the definitions and play with them as much as you can.  The space race is fun and there is no way not to learn.


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  1. from English for Aviation by Oxford University Press - http://www.oup.com.br/teachers-pack/esp/english-for-aviation-express-series-teacher-s-pk.html

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