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Useful Links - Detail

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All the details about links in the sidebar





Airliners.net is the biggest and most visited aviation interest site on the Internet, logging over 80,000,000 page-views from 900,000 distinct users every month. Our users and community include airline management, frequent air travelers, aviation photographers and enthusiasts which come from every corner of the globe. We strive to be the international center of aviation online and are continually growing the site to include better features and more content.


A site where you will find articles, podcasts, videos about crashes, investigations, and Airline safety, and airline security insights


The Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA) is the largest airline pilot union in the world and represents nearly 53,250 pilots at 37 U.S. and Canadian airlines. Founded in 1931, the Association is chartered by the AFL-CIO and the Canadian Labour Congress. Known internationally as US-ALPA, it is a member of the International Federation of Air Line Pilot Associations.


This is a great site to learn about the history of commercial aviation.


A bit of everything about aviation. As they say, "

Your Source for Aviation Videos, Aerospace Jobs, Aircraft Pictures and Aerospace History.Resources & Information include Airliner Memorabilia, Flight Tracking, Airplane Photos,Aircraft Artwork, Commercial Airliner Movies, Flight Supplies, NORAD, Military Fighter Jet Videos,R/C Airplane Movies, Discount Airline Tickets, Area 51, Flight Schools, Fact Sheets & Aerospace. Facts on Airliners, GPS, Aircraft, Military, Jets, Military Artwork, Historical Airliners, Aircraft Movies & Videos, Paper Airplanes, Flight Schools, Aerospace Jobs,  Affordable Vacation Packages,Skunk Works, Flight Calculators, Airline Memorabilia, Aircraft Models & Vintage Aircraft Posters.'


This site contains various Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR or Black Box) transcripts of aviation accidents and incidents. Covering a wide range from large commercial aircraft to commuter, corporate, and even private aircraft.

It is the biggest database of CVR transcripts found on the internet.

Currently hosting more than 145 transcripts.



  • ELPAC (English language proficiency for aeronautical communication)

On this site you will find a sample test of English proficiency for ATCs.  Here is how it is introduced by its publisher:

The aim of these versions is to familarise you, as an air traffic controller and potential ELPAC test-taker, with the format of the two ELPAC test papers and the type of questions you can expect.

Please take a little bit of your time to do the sample version of Paper 1 Listening Comprehension - about 40 minutes, and to have a look at the demonstration videos of Paper 2 Oral Interaction. There are three new videos with scenarios suitable for Tower, Approach and En route controllers. Each has a duration of about 22 minutes. We are sure you will find this time well spent.


  • EUROCONTROL (The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation)

EUROCONTROL, the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation, is an intergovernmental organisation made up of 38 Member States and the European Community.

Their primary objective is the development of a seamless, pan-European air traffic management (ATM) system. They contribute to making European aviation safer, performance-driven and environmentally sustainable.

EUROCONTROL was originally founded in 1960 as a civil-military organisation to deal with air traffic control for civil and military users in the upper airspace of its six founding European Member States. EUROCONTROL has developed into a vital European repository of ATM excellence, both leading and supporting ATM improvements across Europe.

Today, together with its partners, EUROCONTROL is committed to building a Single European Sky that will deliver the ATM performance required for the twenty-first century and beyond.

If you intend to fly in Europe, it will be a very useful site. They also have a TV channel on YouTube.


An Australian site dealing with safety issues.



This is an excellent site if you wish to listen to some real air traffic control from different locations around the world. You can choose your geographical area at the top of the page and the locations which are marked in green are accessible. Most of what you listen to in this way is entirely routine, but the site also collects particularly interesting segments where ‘something  happened’, though you need to join up to listen to these.


The Professional Pilots Rumour Network: This site is an interesting exchange of news and views. As its name suggests, it’s a site for pilots, but anyone concerned with aviation will find many interesting topics and stories to read about.


This site is an excellent resource for the teacher who is new to the world of aviation. It is an educational site, set up by NASA education, designed for schools and featuring many of the subject areas included in Aviation English[1]. Technical explanations are clear to follow and interesting interactive activities are included.


The NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) is the body which investigates all aviation accidents in the US. They also investigate accidents abroad when a US registered aircraft is involved, or when their expertise is called upon. You can use their extensive database to research a particular accident or a type of accident. There is also a section dealing with incidents.


The FAA is the civil aviation authority of the US. Their web site is extremely comprehensive and contains interesting and official information and statistics on a wide range of safety issues, amongst other things. This site is worth browsing or visiting when you have a particular subject to research.


This heading on the home page is somewhat misleading as the site contains information on many issues. Amongst others, it’s worth looking at the flight safety section, the aviation history section and the section on aviation humour.


This is an excellent site for keeping up to date with the latest aviation news. You might wish to register for free daily news updates to your email address.


This is another very comprehensive web site and the title reflects its content. The address above will take you directly to an extensive series of pilot stories, each entitled ‘Never again’. These stories are all about an error of judgement on the part of a private pilot, which could have been fatal and the pilots explain what they learned from these experiences.


Flight Safety Foundation provides a forum where air carriers, manufacturers, suppliers, maintenance organizations, aviation regulatory agencies and flight crewmembers share information, ideas and best practices for safety.


If it happens in business aviation, it’s covered in Aviation International News every month. With twice the content of competing magazines, Aviation International News reaches a highly targeted, active readership of 40,107 professionals in 148 countries.

Special sections spotlight regional airlines, helicopters, avionics, maintenance and FBOs.


Brazilian Blog about Aviation English, exercises and tips among others.


As you know, ANAC (Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil) is the Brazilian agency responsible for the regulation and the safety oversight of civil aviation. Established in March 2006, ANAC incorporated the staff, the structure and the functions of the Air Force’s Civil Aviation Department (DAC), the former civil aviation authority. And, as you can see, they have an English version of the site. Great to practice your reading and scanning.


Sumários Periódicos

A biblioteca da SEP  coloca à disposição dos técnicos da ANAC mais um serviço de informação: a divulgação eletrônica dos sumários correntes de periódicos. Para acessar o sumário do periódico, click no número desejado. Os interessados em algum dos artigos poderão solicitar cópias para bibliotecadigital@anac.gov.br.


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  • USGS (US Geological Survey)

If you're in geologgy, you'll like it. There are podcasts that bring you straight science insight on natural hazards; climate change; satellite imagery and monitoring; water quality; human health and wildlife disease; and much more. 

You can subscribe and get the transcription.


A site by the British Council to work on the different skills required in a professional environment. They even have a special section for engineers and downloadable podcasts.


Information, News, & Business Strategy for Electronics Design Engineers. EDN.com is a comprehensive information source for the EOEM (electronics original equipment manufacturer) segment, providing in-depth technical information for electronics design engineers and news and strategic business insight for executives.


These guidelines for engineering writing and scientific writing are designed to help students communicate their technical work. To that end, these guidelines contain advice, models, and exercises for common writing and speaking assignments in engineering and science.


Reading passages on technology and science topics to improve your reading strategies.


No. 1 News source for space weather and earth science. We have thousands of articles posted filled with specific information you need to know. Earthquakes, Solar Storms, Hurricanes, Volcanoes, Freak Weather, Asteroids, Meteors, Comets, and a very unique and special focus on the Sun – Earth Connection as supported by the top solar and earth scientists in the world.Unfortunately, the access is NOT free.


It will lead you to other online resource to practice your reading, vocabulary building and understanding in YOUR field.


Whatever your field is, you will find actual resources, data and information in English.


ASCE has created a website for students of all ages to learn about various aspects of civil engineering. ASCEville is an interactive website that students can use to find out how civil engineers plan sewer and transportation systems in a city. Students can also learn about the basics of building design. Beyond the front page, students can meet "real civil engineers" and discover their dream job in engineering.


SciELO is an electronic library covering a selected collection of Brazilian scientific journals.

The library is an integral part of a project being developed by FAPESP - Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo, in partnership with BIREME - the Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information. Since 2002, the Project is also supported by CNPq - Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico.

The Project envisages the development of a common methodology for the preparation, storage, dissemination and evaluation of scientific literature in electronic format.

As the project develops, new journal titles are being added in the library collection.


Intelligent work forums for Engineering Professionals: aeronautic, automotive, chemical, computer, electrical, geotechnical, industrial, manufacturing, materials, mechanical, structural, etc.




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 Linguee é um serviço gratuito com um diferencial que irá revolucionar o conceito de dicionário online. O nosso banco de dados possui aproximadamente 1.000 vezes mais material traduzido do que qualquer outro dicionário online tradicional. A maioria deste material é constituída por frases completas traduzidas por seres humanos. O Linguee oferece o contexto em que as palavras foram traduzidas. Isso permite a busca de expressões e até mesmo frases e não somente de palavras soltas. Dessa maneira, o usuário pode encontrar a tradução de termos compostos como "chuva forte", "vermelho forte", "forte potencial", etc. Em dicionários online tradicionais a busca por tais termos não oferece um correspondente satisfatório em inglês.

Entre as fontes mais importantes utilizadas por Linguee, destacam-se documentos da União Européia e de outras instituições internacionais renomadas, patentes e páginas da rede bilíngue. Em cada exemplo fornecido é possível encontrar um link que redirecionará o usuário para a respectiva fonte.

Lingoes is a great kit of tools to work with languages.  There, you can download a translation tool and English/Brazilian dictionaries, as well as English/English and others. It is installed on your desktop but doesn't require too much space. According to their own description:

Lingoes is an easy and intuitive dictionary and text translation software, It offers lookup dictionaries, full text translation, capture word on screen, translate selected text and pronunciation of words in over 80 languages. New version of Lingoes integrates cursor translator, looking-up in dictionaries and intelligent translation by creative zoned word translator. With selection of word or sentence in screen by cursor, it will translate as many as 23 languages of text into your native language. It's very convenient to use, we believe the new technology will change communication method among people.


The world's most comprehensive dictionary: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Greek, Russian, Medical, Legal, and Financial Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Acronyms and Abbreviations, Idioms, Encyclopedia, a Literature Reference Library, and a Search Engine all in one!


English-Portuguese / Portuguese English online dictionary. This dictionary is new and still incomplete since many entries are still being reviewed by experts. You will see a gradual improvement over the next few months in both quality and depth.


A quick glance at the index is all it takes to connect words with images. Explore the 15 major themes to access more than 6,000 images and see words like never before.

This MSN-Encarta site is a good tool to find definition, pronunciation and synonyms.


Wikipedia is one of the best starting points when you want to read or learn about something.

And here's a tip: if you don't know the name of what you'd like to read about in English, look for it in your own language (in Portuguese for example) and then, on the left sidebar, look for 'English'.  You will get an article on the same topic in the new language.  Great for vocabulary building.


A variation of Wikipedia in simple English. Just in case you feel like a beginner.

Based on the same idea as Wikipedia, you can find here some interesting videos about technology, science, etc.  And if you wish, you can even edit them.


A whole bunch of links about almost anything: Reference Lists, Subject Directories, Dictionaries and Encyclopedias, Free and Open Magazines, Journals and books, Translation Resources, Libraries, Museums, Galleries, Digital Collections and Repositories, Clipart, Statistics and Facts, Consumer Resources, Maps and Satellite Images,  News and Weather Resources and What's New on the Internet.


A nice site to build your vocabulary or brainstorm with your peers.  You type in a word, and you get many more on the topic.  Here is what I got when I typed in 'Aviation'.

Aviation according to Visuwords


A dictionary which is often updated with thesaurus and pronunciation.  Here is what they say about themselves:

"Whether you’re a grey surfer or a feedbacker, a twittow or a NEET – whoever you are wherever you are (sub-optimal situations not withstanding), the Macmillan English Dictionary Online is for you."


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Online translators can be timesavers or give you a little push but you should always be careful.

You can use them both ways and here is what I got when I asked them to translate a Wikipedia article from English to Portuguese:

Um engenheiro é um profissional técnico qualificado. Os engenheiros estão preocupados com o desenvolvimento econômico e seguras soluções para problemas práticos, através da aplicação de matemática e conhecimentos científicos, considerando simultaneamente constrangimentos técnicos [1] [2]. O termo é derivado da raiz latina "Ingenium", que significa "inteligência" [3]. A revolução industrial e contínua evolução tecnológica dos últimos séculos tenham mudado a conotação da expressão ligeiramente, resultando na percepção de engenheiros como cientistas aplicada [citação necessária]. O trabalho dos engenheiros é o elo entre a percepção das necessidades da sociedade e aplicações comerciais


Um aviador é uma pessoa que voe aviões para o prazer ou como uma profissão. O aviatrix feminino da palavra é usado às vezes. O termo é da raiz Latin. A palavra é aplicada frequentemente aos pilotos, mas é aplicada igualmente para incluir povos tais como navegadores de ar, bombardiers, oficiais dos sistemas de armas e oficiais da guerra eletrônica. Isto não deve ser confundido com o aviador naval do termo, que consulta membros de grupo na marinha de Estados Unidos, nos fuzileiros navais e no protetor de costa. Há igualmente caráteres menores da aviação como os asa-caminhantes que participam em seqüências aerobatic da exposição. O aviador do termo (ao contrário do " pilot" ou outros termos) foram usados mais no princípio de aviação, antes que qualquer um viu nunca um avião voar, e tivesse conotações da bravura e da aventura. Por exemplo, os editores no arauto de Dayton, em um artigo dezembro de 18, 1903 descreveram o Wright Brothers' primeiro avião assim: " O peso, incluindo o corpo do aviador, está ligeiramente sobre o pounds" 700;. Para assegurar a segurança dos povos no ar assim como na terra, transformou-se logo uma exigência para que um avião esteja sob do piloto corretamente treinado, certificado e atual do controle operacional em todas as vezes, que é responsável para a conclusão segura e legal do vôo. O primeiro certificado foi entregado pelo clube Aero de France a Louis Blériot em 1908, seguido por Glenn Curtiss, por Leon Delagrange, e por Robert Esnault-Pelterie. A autoridade absoluta dada ao piloto no comando é derivada daquela de um capitão de navio.


What do you  think of it?

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Learn English naturally by listening to speakers from all over the world!  You can listen to people talking about the most diverse topics. While listening you can read along and, eventually, get more details on pronunciation and vocabulary.


The passages are real people, speaking real English, talking about what interests them. There are passages for everyone: easy passages for beginners, and more difficult passages for advanced students. You can also choose the domain and topic you want to hear about. If you have any doubt, take a look at the study guide.


This one is fantastic to practice active listening.  Different levels, many topics, different media, quizes.  All you need for a daily listening practice.


Here you can get new podcasts almost every day, download it from the Internet, and listen to it on your computer or on an MP3/portable music player (for example, an iPod or iRiver). You can subscribe to a podcast so that it is delivered to you automatically each day, just like a newspaper.Topics go from dining to business, from daily life to transportation.

Obs: The podcasts are FREE, the learning guides are not but you can manage without them.


English Podcast about topics in the news. If you want to, the listening comes with a Lesson Plan and worksheets so that you can memorize better new vocabulary. Try it here.


This site has great listening activities based on audio you can download to your computer. As a matter of fact, it has the same inspiration as Breaking News English but with more online activities



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A good place to work on the sounds you have trouble with. You'll find exercises with minimal pairs, tongue twisters, and even videos.


A great series of videos and exercises.  You choose the sound you want to work on or the exercises that match your difficulties.


Rules and exercises on word stress, sentence stress...


A cool site to work on your pronunciation and listening.

"Our unique speech recognition platform allows you to practice SPEAKING with any video you choose and then get INSTANT FEEDBACK on how well you are doing."


Very softly guided exercises and explanations to work on the sounds you have trouble with.


Type in  your text and it will be read aloud to you. You can choose if it will be read by a man, a woman, American, British, fast or slow. A fantastic instrument.

Once it's read you can download the audiofile as an MP3 and listen to it anywhere. Of course, it's FREE.

Here's a little video to show you how it works.

YouTube plugin error


Where to put your lips, your tongue and everything else to obtain a certain sound is demonstrated, explained and shown.


Interactive stuff to work on pronounciation and phonetics by Cambridge English Online.

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An interactive reading space that leads to pictures, slide-shows, videos, audio-clips, artifacts, manuscripts, documents and other primary sources linked, in context, within each story.

Why don't you try Aviator by Carol D. Bos, or K19 Widowmaker about a Soviet submarine.


A virtual library for fiction, non-fiction, drama, short stories, interviews...


America stories to read and listen to. There are 2 speeds for the recording.


Articles on diverse matters to read and listen to along. Each reading is followed by vocabulary and comprehension activities.


Stories taken from CBS5 - CNN, abridged for learners of English, followed by comprehension activities designed to interactively test learner comprehension of the story, such as Word Selection, Multiple Choice, Vocabulary, Sequencing, Questions and Answers and Your Turn!

. Why don't you try this one on Fuel Cell Technology for Cars.


A site about reading, helping to improve reading strategies


On this website, you can read and print articles, listen and read along. Some articles have videos to watch too.

You can read news stories, read about people, animals and holidays, try one of the recipes and laugh at the cartoons. You can print word games to do.


Free books to read.  What's more this library uses "Text to Speech" audio technology to allow your computer to read your selection aloud.


This guide will help you work on your reading strategies by offering different levels and different kinds of activities based on texts.


English reading practice quizzes based on short texts.   Great if you're thinking of taking some kind of examination.


Reading, listening and learning about different workplace skills and situations. Clear animations and a very good level of interactivity.


Articles from the Voice of America. If you wish, you can download the MP3 to the article you want to read or have read to you.

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Lots of quizzes that lead you to rules if you make mistakes. Simple explanations.  You even have a diagnostic quiz.


A cool site when you like grammar.  It's not only verbs and nouns. You also have punctuation, text grammar.... and you can print exercises to do when you're not online.


Fun site to practice grammar with your kids, nephews, nieces....


Grammar as you must have seen it at school.


Lots of quizzes for all levels. You get a grade and you can see where you made mistakes.


Rules, tutorials, exercises so extensive you won't make mistakes again.


Grammar Girl provides short, friendly tips to improve your writing. Covering the grammar rules and word choice guidelines that can confound even the best writers, Grammar Girl makes complex grammar questions simple with memory tricks to help you recall and apply those troublesome grammar rules. Whether English is your first language or second language, Grammar Girl’s punctuation, style, and business tips will make you a better and more successful writer. Grammar Girl is a Quick and Dirty Tips podcast you can subscribe to and listen to everywhere you go.


A good site to improve your grammar skills.

Obs: You don't need to speak German to use it.


Improve your skills on verbs in different languages (including Portuguese).


You can practise your English grammar and vocabulary skills with interactive tests on this free website. You can receive free interactive email tests. If you register and login you can see which tests you have done and how successfully. Learning English with these free online tests is really motivating. New tests are added every week.


Just to have fun with word categories (noun, verbs, prepostions, etc.)

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You type in or paste a text whose vocabulary you find interesting and this site will analyse it and come up with a list of words you can sort. By default the words are arranged from most relevant to least relevant. The other options allow you to sort your list alphabetically, by number of occurrences in the text, or by how familiar the words are in written English overall.


You chose the theme you want to study vocabulary for and you get a list and train your new vocabulary in context. Cool.


This tool has been specially designed to help you learn the key words for more effective university study. If you are studying at university or planning to do so in the future, then the UVT is for you.


On this site you will find great tools to enrich and memorize vocabulary organized in progressive lessons: vocabulary builder and activities to reinforce the new acquisitions.


A guide to other sites related to vocabulary such as dictionaries, synonyms, idioms, etc...


This link will guide you to a great list of idioms that you can read in context.  Of course, you also have access to their meaning through explanation.


Another list of idioms with their explanation.


Not only idioms but also phrasal verbs, everything being organized by level and alphabetically, with quizzes to check your understanding.

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As the name leads to think, this is cool if you are training for a test where you will have to write an essay, like the Toefl or the Ielts


Good resource for academic writing


All sorts of activities to train you so that you write a perfect academic document such as a PhD thesis.


Pick a recording on the topic you want and type in the transcription.  It's like a dictation: good for listening, writing and spelling skills.


Listen to a text and type in the missing words in the transcription.


Another listen and type site. The good thing about this one is that you can enter the vocabulary you want to work on. You could, for instance, enter vocabulary collected through "Vocabulary Grabber".

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A site that publishes free online English lessons to help you study English slang, basic English, business English. You can also choose to work on listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary and have streaming audio to listen to natural conversations.


Don't worry! You don't need to speak French to navigate around this site and find the listening, reading, writing or pronunciation activities you need.


Exercises for All English Learners- Online Grammar Exercises, Vocabulary Videos, Pronunciation, Quizzes for Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Level English Learners. Make your choice.


Even though it's business focussed, there are many skills you can work on, such as presentations, grammar, collocations, etc...


As the name suggests, many things on a fun study site for learners of English.


Here you'll find even more stuff. It's pages and pages of links.


A complete site to pick the material and the skill you want to work on.


A complete tool for you to work on grammar, reading, vocabulary, listening, pronunciation, idioms and slang. Clear, easy to use.


Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles to help you learn English as a Second Language (ESL). This project of The Internet TESL Journal (iteslj.org) has thousands of contributions by many teachers.


The companion site of the "Touchstone" studybook by Cambridge where you will find graded exercises that you can sort by type (fill in the blanks, multiple choice, crosswords, drag and drop, etc.) as if you were studying by the book from level 1 to level 4.


A link to many links related to learning English online, including a lot of "Test your English" sites.


The English Club is designed to help you learn English. Access to all pages is free. You'll find everything lessons and interactive pages like forums, games, quizzes, chat, help and friends


Conversations, comprehension exercises, business vocabulary, Toefl training, movie lines..... It's rich and renewing.


There, you can practice your English language skills in many ways: work on vocabulary (see, hear and say it), on grammar, listening, or reading (hundreds of pages of explanations, examples, and exercises or  quiz links), get some conversation practice with a study buddy, tutor, or teacher in the speaking partner program. You can also work more specifically on TOEFL or TOEIC, and on your Business English speaking and writing skills. All materials are organized by skill and level for quick and easy access.


Grammar, reading, listening, phrasal verbs.. at elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced levels.  The best is to start with a level test and pick activities from there.


Pick a topic in the Learning Pages and develop your skills (reading, vocabulary, listening, etc.) or take quizzes from Very Easy to Advanced.


This page various ESL activities, as well as many links to ESL resources on the Internet. As such, it is a "jumping off" point for those who want to easily find resources for teaching or learning English.


Designed by the British Council, you will have the most diverse activities on the most diverse subjects and it is regularly updated. Great place to play and learn. (You don't need to read Arabic to use it.)


A Canadian interactive online newspaper for adult students presenting stories accompanied by learning activities, focussing on communication skills and covering all kinds of issues.


Practical activities on Basic communication, consumer economics, community resources, health and employment. Everything comes with sound so you work on communication skills (for example how to fill an application form) and listen at the same time.


To work not only on English but also on math in English if you wish. Since it was designed for native speakers, you will find great lessons with a cultural touch.


A site to work on the skills and strategies needed for your English exam, for work or university. You can even listen to students taking examinations.


A series of video lessons by MrDuncan in England. Tis is a link to the first lesson. Others are posted regularly.


A youtube channel where you get video grammar, vocabulary and grammar lessons specially designed for Brazilians.


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A site where you pick the short TV news you're interested in, watch it while you read along the transcription and its translation in Portuguese.


Fun site to work on movies (comprehension, discussion, etc.)


You can sing along or work on your grammar with songs.


Chose a video and watch it with or without subtitles before taking a quiz. Then you can write a comment about it. You get more details on how to use the site here.


All kinds of word games when you want to take a break.



Short videos from TV news organized in categories so that you can pick the ones of interest to you.


Lots of videos to explain how things work in fields such as aviation, robotics, etc. The most interesting for pilots and engineers is usually in the "Science" section (last on the right)


YouTube has a lot to offer, including some channels for learners of English such as:


Music for Students of English where you find music videos with their lyrics as subtitles.

EF Pod English where you watch 5-minute lessons for beginners to upper-intermediate.

Private English Portal where Steve Ford gives you lessons on tthe language and communication skills needed in professional environment.

English Café Dot Com where Jim gives lessons.

The New York Times where you keep updated with what happens around the world as seen by the Americans.

The Guardian where you keep updated with what happens around the world as seen by the British.




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  1. Aviation English is published by MacMillan - ISBN 978-0-230-02757-2

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