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Reported Speech Plus

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 Explanations and exercises for reported commands, statements and questions


Pick the right form of the verb


Type in the correct sentence


Choose the best way to complete the sentence


A transformation quiz


Report the conversation


Special Pilots: Report conversations between a pilot and ATC, then answer questions about these situations


Of course, you can get much more practice by looking for "Indirect speech exercises" or "Reported speech exercises" on Google.



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Video lessons



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Video for practice



A flying car or a driveable airplane?


What did the reporter ask?

What did the engineer answer?

How much did he say it would cost?

When did he say it would be available?


What else do you remember?



PS: You can read about the Transition here.

If you want to see it once finished take a look here,

and for a flight test, click here.

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A new technology for drilling.

Innovative technology may bring geothermal energy

to the forefront of green alternatives.


Watch and listen.


Then report what has been said about the origin of the Flame Jet Drill, its applications, its limitations, etc.


If you need help you can also read about it here.

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The simulation


and,  minutes after,


the report.



How would you report months later?


Read about it.

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And some fun

PC and Pixel


Frank & Ernest 


Arlo & Janis


Motley Classics

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And some reading



More reading about this shooting, a different view of the same facts here.  The perfect situation for reporting.


City of Évora welcomes Embraer  What did they say? What did they write?


Embraer contends with 'challenging' environment  What about E-jet production levels?


In the Air, Wi-Fi Gets a Ho-Hum Reception


Why pilots need language proficiency


HUD for Aviation or Automotive Applications - I've read in this article that HUDs were now used in commercial aircraft, automobiles, and other applications. I've also learned that...


Pick a news on the Society of Petroleum Engineers site or read a job ad on the Petroleum Engineer site and report it.






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