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English for Pilots

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The aeroplane has unveiled for us the true face of the earth.

#Airplane and Aviation










If you want something more specific for pilots, visit my other wiki: english4aviation



In this folder, you will find some interesting tools to train for the different steps of the Santos Dumont test.


First, there is the pre-test with two sections:

  • listening
  • structure.

According to ANAC, the pre-test has been suspended and the proficiency test is the only one applied. :)



Then, there is the profiencency test, divided into four sections:

  • warm-up
  • problem solving
  • emergency situation
  • aviation topics


This test is designed to match the ICAO language proficiency requirements, of which you can find a desciption here.

If you feel like assessing your level now, try this sample test[1]. The audio files for the comprehension section are here (audio 1) and here (audio 2).


You can also get a little information here.


How about taking this little quiz to have fun and get links to reading and grammar?



And here is a description of the book I recommend for getting ready to reach level 4 or upper.

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  1. © Oxford University Press

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