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Causative Plus

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  • A mini tutorial on let / make / have and an exercise to go with it. HERE


  • A reminder of causative verbs and other ways to express causal relationships HERE 


  • A little quiz on causatives HERE



  • Some exercises in PDF HERE


  • Choose the correct form HERE and if you want, try the more advanced level HERE 


  • Complete the sentences HERE




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Video lessons

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Video and other stuff for practice

What can we do

to help reduce

climate changes?

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What kind of interaction is there between the two robots?

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What else could we have robots do for us?

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How about drones?

What do you think we should have them do for us?

Are they really useful?



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What does Pro-Engineer let or help you do?

Watch the video and answer the question.


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And some fun

Working Daze


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And some reading


How can pilots have their certificates replaced?



Original article on AIN Online


Paper Pilot Certificates Expire in Three Months

By: Chad Trautvetter

U.S. licensed pilots will not be able to exercise the privileges of their paper pilot certificates after March 31, the FAA is reminding airmen. Paper certificates issued under FAR Part 63 (flight engineers and navigators) and Part 65 (air traffic control tower operators, aircraft dispatchers, mechanics, repairmen and parachute riggers) won’t expire until March 31, 2013.

According to FAR 61.19(h), “Duration of pilot certificates. Except for a temporary certificate issued under 61.17 or a student pilot certificate issued under paragraph (b) of this section, the holder of a paper pilot certificate issued under this part may not exercise the privileges of that certificate after March 31, 2010.

Pilots can have their certificates replaced for $2 via postal mail or the Internet. The FAA’s Web site has instructions on how to order a replacement pilot certificate, as well as how to change a certificate number from a social-security number and simultaneously order a plastic replacement.


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Rays of Hope



The business benefits that Dassault Systèmes methodology delivers to the ITER supply chain derive from using 3D model technology to develop and communicate information. [...]



All companies in the ITER and JET engineering supply chains use CATIA, DELMIA, 3DVIA Composer and other Dassault Systèmes PLM software and methodology. One company that is involved with both JET and ITER technology provision is Oxford based, Desktop Engineering (DTE). Managing director Geoff Haines talks about the company’s role, “JET and ITER bring together many engineering and scientific specialists who need to communicate and operate in a concurrent and collaborative way. DTE provides design to manufacture PLM software and support services to companies involved with both the buildings and structures as well as the systems that they house.”

Simon Mills adds, “DTE helps us to derive maximum engineering and commercial advantage from our Dassault Systèmes technology with ongoing training and support. They have introduced us to the newest methodologies, which save time and money by increasing productivity and overall efficiency.”



“One example of this was the introduction, by Desktop Engineering, to Oxford Technologies, of 3DVIA Composer to animate CATIA generated 3D imagery. This not only allows them to refine their designs through the better cognition that kinetics enables, but also gives all stakeholders a clear understanding of the equipment in its context and detail,” he says.

Communication in 3D is the norm since the deployment of 3DVIA Composer allows non-CATIA users visual access and interaction with 3D digital models of Oxford Technologies’ remote handling systems.

Geoff Haines comments, “The production efficiencies derived from specifying Dassault Systèmes technology throughout JET and ITER supply chains are augmented by the introduction of 3DVIA Composer. It provides simple access to 3D data and lets people understand how complex systems operate and interact.”  [...]





Read the complete article

on Engineering Week 




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Welcome to the online Student Guide to Engineering Resource Centres.

This guide has been designed to help engineering students find the right information quickly. It is not an exhaustive list of engineering related sites, but a selective choice, which identifies some of the most informative and useful sources of information. more



This is a description of  HelpEngine 




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