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02 Today's topic - Tips

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2. Today’s topic is…




Body Language



Here is an article for you to read dealing with positive and negative body language 


And here is another one on how to Use Body Language to Power Up the Message of Your Presentation.


And one more on Effective Presentation Tips.



Maybe you prefer to watch these videos on mistakes to avoid:




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Tips on Structuring your Presentation



"Begin at the beginning" the King said, gravely, "and go on till you come to the end; then stop."

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll



These articles will give you great hints to help you prepare your presentation:


How to structure a presentation

How to structure your presentation




And this video will give you clues on  structuring a sales presentation, but it can be adapted to most presentation purposes  




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Guess what!

Did you know that ….

I bet you didn't know that ….

You'd be amazed if you knew…

You'll never believe this, but…

Is …………. important for ……….?

Do we really need ………….?

According to an article I read recently,…

Did you know that…?

I’d like to share an amazing fact/figure with you.

I remember when …

I was once asked the following question: …

Let me tell you what happened to me…

Suppose you wanted to… How would you go about it?

Imagine you had to…. What would be your first step?



Openings – Surprising facts

In context

§         Did you know that our number of accidents is half what it used to be.

§         Guess what!  Our sales are hitting a low.

§         I bet you didn't know that we were #1 in Latin America.

§         You'd be amazed if you knew what our competitors are preparing.

§         You'll never believe this, but nobody will be laid off.



Openings – Rhetorical questions

In context

§         Do we really need quality assurance?

§         Do you always practice what you preach?

§         Does your team ever complain about you?

§         How often does your department renew material?

§         I thought you would be interested in getting an update since this is vital for our future growth.

§         Is market research important for brand development?

§         What would you do if you lost your biggest contract?

§         When was the last time you spoke to the director of your factory?



Openings – Interesting facts

In context

§         According to an article I read recently, the flat belt is stronger than conventional steel cables?

§         Did you know that tires are the primary source of recyclable material?

§         I’d like to share with you something I saw on TV the other day.



Openings – Anecdotes and stories

In context

§         A funny thing happened the other day.

§         I remember when I first started in the company...

§         Let me just tell you a quick story.

§         There was a program on TV last month about renewable energies.



Openings – Problems to think about

In context

§         Imagine you had to design a metal handrail to round the top deck of a cruise ship. What would be your first step?

§         Suppose you wanted to build an elevator connecting the earth’s surface to space. How would you go about it?


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Interactivity and Audience Participation



Involving the audience with a poll or a vote

In context

§         Could we have a show of hands?

§         Hands up those who agree.

§         How many of you agree?



Checking understanding

In context

§         Are there any questions?

§         Is this clear so far?



Asking for comments

In context

§         Any reaction to that?

§         Does anyone disagree?

§         Does everyone agree?

§         Has anyone got any views on that?

§         So, what can we say about that?

§         What's the general feeling on this?



Making sure you can continue

In context

§         If there are no other comments, I'll continue with the next point.

§         So, can I go on?


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